Dan Phelps, Editorial Cartoonist, Illustrator

Dan Phelps is an editorial cartoonist and illustrator who lives in Winnipeg, Canada. His editorial cartoons appear in the Winnipeg Free Press and the Southeast Journal. He produces artwork for clients all over the world, some living as close as the United States and others as far away as Australia, Korea and Japan.

Dan has produced artwork for newspapers, magazines, children’s books, educational material, and print and web advertising.

If you would like to contact Dan, please send an email to: dan@projectherbivore.com

Publishing Cartoons in Print Media

If you wish to publish Dan Phelps’ cartoons in some form of print media, please send an email outlining details of the project. If acceptable, he will provide you with high resolution files.

New Clients

Dan is always taking on new clients. Please contact him if you require a cartoonist, illustrator or humourist.

Use/Reuse/Intellectual Property Guidelines

You may display Dan Phelps’ cartoons or artwork on your website, blog, etc, provided you link back to this website.

You may not publish any of Dan Phelps’ cartoons in print, on television or any other media without prior permission.

You may not use any of Dan Phelps’ cartoons or artwork in whole or part for any form of merchandising without prior permission.

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  1. Denise Chan says:

    Hi former GBCer!

    I have a co-worker from Lindsay and was just telling him about people I know from Lindsay, and remembered that’s where you came from (I think). Then I found an old email from you from 2008 and wanted to see what you were up to, and I found all of this! Wow! I’m thrilled for you.


  2. wptest says:

    Hey Denise, good to hear from you! How’s it going? I’m hanging about Winnipeg these days.

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